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Sebastian is a surf kid, turned mountain bike racer, turned couch potato. After years of denial Sebastian decided to get off of the couch and start working out. He joined a gym and started to eat properly. With his new energy came a drive to compete.

While looking at nearby events Sebastian found that he was living in the triathlon mecca. He ultimately decided to give multi-sport racing a whirl. He rode, he ran, and he swam like a fiend. Be it training or racing, Sebastian was loving it all. Pushing himself and gauging his performance with like-minded athletes.

Nearly 85 pounds later, Sebastian is training every day, planning meals based on his nutritional needs, and counting the hours before his next run/swim/ride/brick. To Sebastian "it's great to feel fit and testing my limits."


Name:Sebastian Aravena
Height/Weight:5'7"/145 lbs.
Birthday:July 8, 1976
Occupation:Triathlete | Web Developer/Designer
Hometown:Miami, FL
Training Camp:Melbourne, FL
Federation Links:USA Triathlon
RODS Racing

Please help find loving families for orphans with Down Syndrome by making any donations that you feel fit at Sebastian's RODS Racing profile.


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