Sebastian Aravena



Please support the companies that allow Sebastian to train and compete.

When every little bit counts on a time trial, Sebastian relies on Rudy Project aerodynamic helmets and glasses.

After hours of training on his bike, Sebastian keeps it clean and sparking before every race with Slick Products.

Between races and on the podium, Sebastian walks in style with Globe Shoes and apparel.

While racing and on long training runs, Sebastian eats A2 Bars to keep his body running like a finely-tuned engine.

Triathlon racing requires a long time on the saddle. Beljum Budder is there to insure that the ride is comfortable.

After races, Sebastian likes to wear his Ride Live be. gear after races and at awards ceremonies.

Duro tire are quality tires for the road, dirt, and trails at a great price.

In training Sebastian's iPhone plays music and tracks his time/distance. The phone is safe with LifeProof.

In a race, Sebastian has to keep moving. Tri-Flow lubricatns can ensure that his bike can do the same.

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